Aletha Desimone Kinetic Evolution

Aletha Desimone

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Facility Manager

Aletha has spent 15 years gaining experience coaching a variety of individuals. She pays close attention to their needs, excuses, body language and how their body responds in order to coach them beyond. Her goal: help clients learn to listen to themselves and understand what their body needs.

Aletha believes in a holistic approach that includes physical, psychological, and spiritual elements. ­She looks for behavioural and mechanical patterns and then problem-solves to guide clients towards their desired result.

Education & Experience

  • ­Diploma in Recreation Leadership
  • ­15 years Coaching & Personal Training
  • 5 years coaching other coaches
  • 7 years as a business owner

Aletha’s Approach

  • Believes in people (sometimes more than they believe in themselves)
  • A guide, not a guru
  • Will encourage you to value yourself above all else
"Getting results is an individual experience, learning the signs of your body as you balance between challenge and recovery."